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Why use a Mortgage Broker?

We are Mortgage Brokers that work for you and not the banks. We provide you with the best options and strategies that can help you SAVE money and time. We find you the lowest mortgage rate, provide you with mortgage options in Lethbridge, Alberta, and offer you prepayment privileges to avoid potential high cost related penalties.


Our advice is objective because we do not work for the banks and lenders. We work with you and for you. We select the Lender that makes the most economical sense for you. We save time as you only need to provide documents once and we complete only one credit check. This protects your credit score.

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What is the Cost of a Mortgage of Broker?

This question is often asked and is one of the main misconceptions about Mortgage Brokers. As Mortgage Brokers we do not charge you any fees. There are no hidden costs to you. Our services are free.
You may wonder how we earn a living. The banks pay us a finder's fee for placing the mortgage with them respectively. The Integra Team focuses on finding the best solutions to meet your unique situation.

We do the work and bring back the information you need to make an informed financial decision. There are some circumstances where the Lender may charge you a fee for processing the mortgage. However, these experiences and fees are rare and only occur in challenging applications.

Give the Integra Team a call to discuss if you have any questions or want us to give you an example of what a challenging application is.

We negotiate on your behalf. Mortgage expertise is provided to you at no cost.

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